Alina Kovtun – Russia

We went to hike Didi (big) Abuli mountain in Samtskhe-Javakheti region. There are two patara (small) and Didi (big) mountains on Abul Samsari range. These mountains are one of the biggest in Lesser Caucasus region. The elevation goes up to 3300. The route starts in Foka village and goes though the small village called Vladimirovka. We have reached at the bottom with our car and hitched the tents there, where the attitude is around 2700 meter. On the second day we started hiking to the Didi Abuli mount, but unfortunately weather condition was not preferable. So we went back near the shepards huts. In sum, we have changed our plans and did some cultural tour in the region. Too much greenness, alpine meadows, shepards, sheeps, local children, lakes, foretresses, delicious meals, good people and music thats how it all went.