Trek to Tobavarchkhili lake

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Georgia is one of the most exciting adventure travel and trekking destination in Europe. From the capital Tbilisi, we travel west to the Samegrelo region, where the Egrisi mountain range is situated. This mountain range separates Samegrelo and Svaneti region, these are south parallel mountains of the Great Caucasus mountains, where are situated alpine lakes right on the border to Svaneti region. Adventure starts from Mukhuri village which is situated on the valleys of Khobistskali river. Next to the Khobistskali river there is an unsurfaced road which goes through the Samegrelo planned national park.

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    All about the Trek to Tobavarchkhili lake.

    Tobavarchkhili Lake Trek is one of the most exciting and beautiful hiking treks in Georgia. We start from the capital Tbilisi and travel west towards Samegrelo Region across Egrisi Mountain, which separates Svaneti and Samegrelo lowlands and composing diversity of spectacular surroundings and unspoiled wildlife. These are south parallel mountains of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, where alpine lakes are situated right on the border of Svaneti Region. When the temperature heats up to 40 degrees all over in Georgia and when tiring and busy city life stresses you up, you can cool down here and enjoy silence combined with the sound of nature. This is truly one of the most rewarding adventure holiday opportunities in Georgia, ticking all boxes of your interest and providing all highlight you expect.


    • Classic views of Egrisi Mountains with the highest peak Chitagvala (3226 m).
    • Visiting five alpine lakes of Tobavarchkhili.
    • Top adventure trekking destinations probably to the most beautiful lakes in Georgia.
    • Crossing high passes with great views, rocky gorges, beautiful lakes, waterfalls, shepherds’’ huts and remote valleys – these are all you get during this trip.
    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • Three experienced English speaking tour leaders
    • All kind of transportation including horses during 6 days.
    • All kinds of meals included meals in the restaurant
    • 2 days of accommodation in Hotel and 6 days of camping
    • All kinds of equipment included: tent, mattresses, sleeping bags, headlights, and kitchen equipment.
    Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • Travel insurance
    • Hiking backpacks, personal equipment, hiking poles, water bottle, and other details.
    • Costs of any optional activities
    • Miscellaneous expenses drinks and souvenirs
    1. Day 1 Meet at Tbilisi hotel

      Meet at Tbilisi hotel, single airport transfer is provided. Drive to Mukhuri village, off reading through the Khobistskali river to the camp 1 Natifura hut (elevation range 150-1900 meter).

      After breakfast we drive to the western Georgia in Samegrelo region. Directly to the village Mukhuri. Where we meet our off-road truck driver. Driving lasts 4 hours, therefore we will have a lunch with traditional food on the road. Adventure starts from Mukhuri village, after checking all the equipment and staff we will be directly driving to the first camp. Driving lasts 3-4 hours depending on the road conditions. On the way we will see the the different types flora such as chestnut trees, rhododendron, linden and beehives on the road. The Mukhuri region and the Khobistskali gorge is famous for the natural selection of brown Caucasus bees. After hard fun of the off road driving we will set up the tents near the Natifura hut. (the old hut for shelters). In the evening travelers will meet the horseman, will make fire, have dinner and good nigh sleep.

      Details: Driving from Tbilisi to Mukhuri 350 km; Driving by truck 32 km; Driving time: 7-8 hours; Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner included; Accommodation: camping;

    2. Day 2 Begin the trek to the small Tobavarchkhili Lake

      Begin the trek to the small Tobavarchkhili Lake (Okhoje lake 2545 meter), crossing the high pass (2750 m). camp 2 near the valley of Okhoje lake.

      After the breakfast, we will pack all the luggage and put it on the horse to ease the hiking, in the early morning we will hike to the small Toba (Okhoje lake), on the way we will enjoy to the most beautiful panoramic views, forests, alpine wildflowers, and snowy mountain passes. On the way we will have a rest and small picnic until we reach the Okhoje lake. Near the okhoje lake we will set up our second camp. We will have the possibility to swim in the lake (Although it is pretty cold), or climb the nearby Rocky Mountains. We will have a dinner in the evening and free time to relax.

      Details: distance :9 km; hiking lasts around 6 hours; Food: Breakfast, picnic, dinner included; accommodation: camping. Elevation: 1900-2545

    3. Day 3 Hike up to the big Tobavarchkhili lake

      Hike up to the big Tobavarchkhili lake (2650m), crossing the high pass (2900 m), camp 3 near the valley of Big Toba

      After the breakfast in the morning, we will have free time to walk around the valley of Okhoje lake, at 11 o clock, we will pick up all the luggage, we will take a path to the big Toba, we will cross one snowy massive with great Rocky Mountains all around. It’s the pass which separates Big Toba and Okhoje lake. Actually, it is the easiest hike day of the trip. We will set up the tents near the valleys of Big Toba, enthusiast can climb the Chitagvala mountain (3225). At the evening we will have a dinner there.

      Details: Distance 4km; hiking lasts 3 hours; Food: Breakfast, Picnic, dinner included; Accommodation: camping; elevation: 2550-2650

    4. Day 4 Hike to the third and fourth lake of Toba

      Hike to the third and fourth lake of Toba, crossing the high pass (2800m), camp 4 near the valley of fourth Toba, from where possibly is visible the highest mountain of Europe Elbrus.

      In the morning we will explore the surrounding of the Big Toba. There we counted more that 40 species of alpine wildflowers. There is a great view to the Cashkibuli side and all around. After breakfast and relaxation, we will hike to the other 2 Toba lakes, (another called: Didgele water lakes) one lake is closer and only one mountain pass has to be crossed, another lake is pretty far, but it’s a downhill so hiking won’t be that tiring. Its up to travelers, if there will be the wish we will hike to the third Toba and hitch the tents there, which is picturesque with its unique views. We will set the camp (third or fourth Toba) there and have dinner.

      Details: Distance 4 km; hiking lasts 3 hours; Food: Breakfast, picnic, dinner included; Accommodation: Camping; elevation: 2650-2500

    5. Day 5 Returning to the big Toba

      Returning to the big Toba, crossing the high pass (2800 m), Camp 5 near the valley of big Toba.

      In the early morning after the breakfast we will hike back to the big Toba. Its uphill hiking so the day will be tiring, therefore we will again make the camp on Big Toba. On the way we will enjoy the views of Svaneti mountains, and if there will be clean sky we can see the highest mountain of Europe, Elbrus. We will have a picnic on the road and dinner near the Big Toba.

      Details: Distance: 4km, hiking lasts 4 hours (depending on which third of fourth Toba we will stay, it we choose the fourth Toba than it takes 6-7 hours); Food: Breakfast, picnic, Dinner included; Accommodation: Camping; Elevation 2500-2650.

    6. Day 6 Trekking down to the cattleman’s hut

      Trekking down to the cattleman’s hut through the Cashkibuli pass (cherry to the sky), camp 6 near the river of Jqr Poqva (shelter of the Caucasian ibex), tasting traditional meal Elarji.

      After the breakfast we will hike down to the cattleman’s hut through the Cashkibuli pass (Cherry to the sky), it is the best hiking day with waterfalls, alpine wildflowers, and amazing pass to the shepherd’s hut. It is possible while hiking to see the west Caucasian capra, Rupicapra rupicapra or other endemic animals if we are lucky of course. We will hike to the place called Jqr poqva (the shelter of the Caucasian ibex). We will hitch the tents near the river called Magani. We will enjoy the dinner with shepards made with tradition. The meals are mixed with boiled cheese, sulguni, sour cream and fried corn. After that we will have a rest and good sleep.

      Details: Distance: 5km; hiking lasts 4 hours; Food: Breakfast, dinner included; Accommodation: camping; elevation: 2650-2130.

    7. Day 7 Trekking to the Natifura hut

      Trekking to the Natifura hut, crossing two mountain passes (max attit:2800 meter), driving back to Mukhuri village, driving back to the hotel in Tbilisi.

      In the early morning at 8 we will pick all of our luggage and hike back to Natifura hut, the day is a long hike and 2 mountain passes has to be crossed. Hikers are expected to walk in snowy mountains. In Natifura hut our driver will wait and takes us to Mukhuri village back. We will drive to the Zugdidi have a dinner and drinks, share all the experience of the trip and then we drive back to hotel at Tbilisi.

      Details: Distance: 8 km; Hiking lasts 7 hours, driving lasts 3 hours; Food: Breakfast, picnic, dinner included; Accommodation: Hotel; elevation: 2130-1900.

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    2 nights in Tbilisi, 5 nights camping

    Included in the trip are 2 hotel nights in Tbilisi. One before the trek and one after the trek. This will enable clients on the preferred flight to have the use of a hotel room to rest/sleep and freshen up prior to breakfast. During the trek there are 5 nights camping. All accommodation is on a twin share basis. If you are travelling by yourself you will be paired with another single traveler of the same sex. Depending on availability, it is possible to request single rooms for the hotel nights or single tents for an additional charge. Hotels are subject to availability and prices may vary.

    You must bring the following equipment:

    • Backpack 65-85 liters
    • Hiking boots
    • Trainers for camp
    • Sandals for river crossings
    • Walking socks (6 or 7 pairs)
    • Spare laces
    • Trekking trousers
    • Waterproof over-trousers
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Underwear
    • Thermal base layer – leggings
    • Thermal base layer shirts (2 short sleeve, 2 long sleeve)
    • T-shirts / Long sleeved tops
    • Sun protection (including total bloc for lips, nose etc.)
    • Water bottles 1 Litre
    • Sunglasses
    • Thermal or fleece gloves
    • A selection of dry bags (to keep trek bag contents dry)
    • Antibacterial handwash
    • Trekking towel
    • Sunhat
    • Fleece jacket or warm jumper


    • Travel clothes
    • Trekking poles
    • Camera
    • Pen-knife (note: always pack sharp objects in hold baggage)
    • Repair kit – (eg. needle, thread, duct tape)
    • Climate can change quickly cause of the specific geographic area

    Georgians have a great culinary tradition and national specialties include the following: walnuts used in all sorts of ways, bean salads, spinach dishes, layered bread and melted cheese, cured meats, fresh and pickled vegetables. They also have 500 varieties of local wines. Breakfast are continental style, with cereals, bread and jam, tea, coffee and sometimes eggs. Packed lunches are provided and will consist of bread and a variety of meats, cheeses, tomatoes and cucumber. There will also be fruit and biscuits. Dinner at camp are usually a traditional soup followed by vegetable and meat dishes with potatoes, rice or pasta.

    This trek involves going to moderately high altitude.  During the course of your trip you will reach altitudes in excess up to 3000 meters.  Most people will have no difficulty with this level of altitude but before coming on the holiday, we recommend you read the advice on trekking at high altitude.  You can also talk to one of our trekking experts if you have any concerns about altitude.


    Dates and prices are for the itinerary joining in Tbilisi. For clients making their own flight arrangements, Tbilisi Airport is the most convenient for transfers to the group hotel.  Please be informed that if you choose any other airport such as Kutaisi or Batumi, customization of the trip must be arranged 1 month before the trip. Flights should not be booked until you have received your booking confirmation and the departure is showing that trip is guaranteed and the minimum amount of the people are listed.

    Price for 7-day trip (All included): 560 $ per person.

    Prices can change depending on a variety of factors but, wild horn have undertaken to guarantee that prices will not change after you have booked. The price when you book is the price you will pay.

    Overall Rating
    Cleona Mathur
    Reviewed On 23/08/2016

    This is really and truly one of the best adventure I have ever seen anywhere. Every single day, was full of adrenaline, laugh and joy. breathtaking views, unbeaten passes, alpine lakes and sharp rocky mountains with waterfalls, uh i wish i could join once more.