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Samegrelo region is located among the ravines created by Rioni, Enguri and Tskhenistskali rivers and the Black sea. This western region is kept warm and humid by the black sea, and is home to the Megrelians, a distinctive sub-group of Georgians who have their own language. The north side of Samegrelo is landlocked by the region of Svaneti and the Great Caucasus mountains. Caving, canyoning, kayaking, trekking, biking, birdwatching and the boating are all the activities that can be enjoyed while visiting the Samegrelo region. Marked trails near the Martvili monastery allow you to enjoy the canyons of Balda, Gachedili gorge and the Motena and Toba caves, cascade waterfall. In the kolkheti National Park visitors can also join a variety of wildlife tours.

We can not skip sharing Upper Svaneti for sure. Surrounded by mountains, Svaneti is a great place for visitors seeking an adventure. With many of its mountain peaks over 5000 meters the region is one of the world’s best locations for mountaineering. Ushba, although not the highest mountain in the range at an impressive 4710 metres, is the most dramatic mountain in the area and considered one of the most difficult mountains to climb in Europe.

Svaneti is also great for skiers and snow boarders. The newly opened Mestia ski resort has amazing slopes for all standards of skiers.

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Trek to Tobavarchkhili lake

8 days

Georgia is one of the most exciting adventure travel and trekking destination in Europe. From the capital Tbilisi, we travel west to the Samegrelo region, where the Egrisi mountain range is situated. This mountain range separates Samegrelo and Svaneti region,…

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One day trip to Kolkheti National Park

1 day

Birdwatching of the many waterfowl birds. Watching of endemic plants and water-affiliated amphibians, reptiles, mammals. Seeing some endemic fauna such as Caucasian salamander.Boating 16 in Paliastomi Lake which is connected to the Pichori river.

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