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Guria’s diverse nature and climate, which includes subtropical landscapes, Black sea coastline, lowlands, wetlands and mountains, make the region unique. Picturesque villages are characterized by their charming green yards with wooden houses. Citrus plantation, fruit gardens tea and nuts, grapes and corn are the main local agriculture products. Music and singing play important role in the regions culture and the best examples of Georgian polyphonic songs were created here. Locals, known throughout the country for their unique sense of humor. There are several mountainous resorts in the region. The wonderful, high, snowy mountains of Guria provides lots of hiking and walking opportunities, offering spectacular views for miles. Join a hike through the mountain forests for glimpses of the local wildlife, including bears, wolves, deer, martens and bobcats. Rivers offer great opportunities for rafting and kayaking.

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Best Season:Spring, Summer, Winter
Popular Location: Santorini, Acropolis, Mykonos

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Tour list of Guria Region

    Mountain Biking Trip

    18 Days

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      Bungee Jumping Trip

      18 Days

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